Friday, 24 June 2016

Fitting in

This is a comic I published anonymously a year or two back in the Chainsaw Comics anthology 'Crazy'.  I've never shared it until now, as it's a lot more personal than my usual work, but for various reasons it seemed like a good time.

Thursday, 23 July 2015

The procrastination Programme

The problem with brains is that we tend to try to use them for thinking, which isn't what they're designed for.  Thinking consciously about everything we do would result in us never getting anything done - it would be the equivalent of writing a new programme from scratch for every single task we want a computer to perform.

Instead, our brain writes software.  It creates programmes of repetitive patterns, which it can then continue automatically.  99+% of what we do every day is just these patterns running in the background.

Unfortunately, some of the patterns are not very good for us.  Because our brains evolved in an environment full of things that could kill us, it has become very risk averse, and looks for threats all the time.  There is a bit of a shortage of lions and tigers in the modern world, but out brains don't let that stop it.  Instead, they come up with a whole bunch of other threats - embarrassment, rejection, failure, change.  And just as they would make us run like hell if we saw a polar bear turn the corner, so they make us run from those things.

And that, folks, is procrastination, a little bit of neurological code that recognises the important stuff to do as a threat, and then tells you to get the hell out of there.


If you like Akira, like the Simpsons, and think that one cannot be complete without the other, check out Bartkira.

Some Panda Fries pages in volume 1!

Friday, 8 May 2015

Election results

Well the result of our election this week was pretty soul destroying.  Not sure how it happened, as the polls had predicted something much less monstrous.  All I can think of is that either a hideous brain damaging virus swept the country on that morning, or Satan exists, and directly intervened.

Anyway, this is how my country feels now...

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Speaking out

My visualisation of the Martin Niemoller poem.

The last five years have left us with a system where you can be put on trial for charges you are not allowed to know, the outcome of which will be determined in a courtroom you are not allowed to enter.
They have left us with a system in which over 10,000 critically ill people have died within weeks of being declared 'fit for work', and under threat of absolute destitution.
They have left us with rules that force wives, husbands and children of British people to live apart for the crime of not having enough money.

We get a chance to speak out tomorrow folks.

Saturday, 25 April 2015

2015 panda party manifesto

Compared with the other main parties in the election, I think this is pretty competitive.